Begin with DB/TextWorks for "do it yourself" database development.
Create unlimited databases, design search screens, design report forms, create/edit/maintain & search database records.  Under $3K for single-user license including 12 months maintenance and technical support.  Under $7K for 5-simultaneous users or multi-user license, 12 months maintenance, and support. (Available with a proprietary or SQL/Express datastore underneath).
Presto!  Creates multiple tailored databases, searchable and browsable in one resource.  Includes personalized alerts, news feeds, & secure social networking via user ratings, commenting, and blogs, all managed & searchable in one place, w/out requiring web/IT expertise.  Available on a SQL datastore.  View a 5-minute Presto demo!
Genie Plus provides a complete tailored Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) to manage your catalog, serials, borrowers, suppliers, items, loans, ILL, and a MARC Transformer. Available with a proprietary or SQL datastore underneath.
Presto for Social Libraries provides Presto and Genie capabilities, all in one.  Available on a SQL datastore.
choose any of these predesigned database applications.
Add Presto for DB/Text!  Create and manage multiple tailored databases in familiar DB/TextWorks, web-searchable for end-users!  Includes alerts, RSS feeds, & secure social networking with user ratings, commenting, and tagging, all searchable in one place, w/out requiring web/IT expertise!
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